Integrity and Compliance

Integrity And Compliance Program

Bakersfield Heart Hospital’s Integrity and Compliance Program has been established to assist in understanding and following the laws, regulations, professional standards and ethical commitments which apply to our organization.

Why Is It Called An Integrity & Compliance Program?

Bakersfield Heart Hospital is not only concerned with compliance to laws and regulations but also with behaviors and actions consistent with our Mission and Values.

Compliance asks the question, “Can we do this?”
Integrity asks the question, “Should we do this?”

Bakersfield Heart Hospital’s Integrity & Compliance Program provides our patients, employees, medical staff, vendors and other business partners with resources to assist them in meeting applicable legal, ethical and professional responsibilities while at Bakersfield Heart Hospital. One key resource is Bakersfield Heart Hospital’s Code of Conduct, which describes expected behaviors and conduct of all who work in Bakersfield Heart Hospital and provides appropriate responses to common issues that are often encountered in the workplace.

Education And Training

All newly hired Bakersfield Heart Hospital employee is required to attend an orientation session on the Integrity & Compliance Program and are provided education on our Code of Conduct. The information is reinforced through ongoing education and training, particularly for staff members whose positions require additional knowledge and understanding of the laws and regulations which apply to their work responsibilities.

Reporting Issues And Concerns

Delivering health care services is an increasingly challenging task with complex and ever-changing rules and regulations which apply to our operations. As a result, there are times when the answer to a particular issue or situation may not be clear. Bakersfield Heart Hospital encourages patients, employees, medical staff, vendors and other business partners as well as our patients to seek answers to their questions or concerns through various resources and options made available to assist them.
Report any violations or get more information by contacting the hotline : 877-363-3069 or go to:
If you have any questions or concerns, contact Bakersfield Heart Hospital’s Compliance Officer, Timeshia Womack @ or call 661-316-6076.