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Welcome to the Bakersfield Heart Hospital Medical Staff.

Bakersfield Heart Hospital began as the vision of several local cardiologists who believed that healthcare, and specifically cardiac healthcare, could be raised to a higher level for the people of Kern County. And so began a tradition of excellence that continues today. It is our hope that in joining our medical staff you will help us to continue to strive for the best in patient care, technology, and teamwork.


For general information about Bakersfield Heart Hospital including tours, medical records, and physician support, please contact our Physician Liaison, Stephanie Marina at (661) 852-6189 or

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Bakersfield Heart Hospital uses Paragon for its electronic medical record. By clicking on the link below, you should be able to write and view orders, as well as sign any previous orders and dictations.


Paragon Physician Portal Access


By clicking the link below, you may access some basic instructions regarding installing Paragon on your office or home computer. If you are having trouble with your username, password or logging into Paragon, please contact our Information Systems Help Desk at (661)316-6055 or Stephanie Marina, Physician Liaison at (661)852-6189 for assistance. If you wish to receive training on Paragon, please contact Ian Casabar (661)316-6070 to schedule an appointment.


Paragon Physician Portal Access Instructions


The Bakersfield Heart Hospital PACS system is a great way to view your patients’ images from your office or home. Our PACS system can be accessed by going to and typing in your username and password. If you don’t yet have a username or password, please contact our PACS administrator to set you up in our system.


Radiology Department

Medical Staff Services

The Medical Staff Office at Bakersfield Heart Hospital is here to help you through the application process as well as to assist you with all things related to membership.


To submit an application for membership and/or privileges at Bakersfield Heart Hospital, please contact the Medical Staff Services Office. We will provide you with an application and list of other supporting documents. When all requested documents have been received, the application will be reviewed for completeness and processed in the order it was received. Please note that the application verification and credentialing process is very detailed and regulated and usually takes 60-90 days to complete.


We are also here to help other Medical Staff Offices with obtaining necessary information. To download affiliation letters please use the MD Query link below. For other requests, please contact us via email, phone or fax.


MD Query

To contact our Medical Staff Office:

Email: Medical Staff Office

Phone: 661-316-6011

Fax: 661-852-6431

Office Staff Use

For your convenience, we have included our pre-operative paperwork for both the Cath Lab and the OR online. If you would like more packets delivered to your office, please contact our Physician Liaison, Stephanie Marina at (661) 852-6189 or